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Jimmy Carter, cocalero

According to Los Tiempos, former US president Jimmy Carter has declared himself to be proud of his friendship with Evo Morales and is looking forward to coming back to Bolivia in December for the elections…and the coca harvest. Carter invited Evo to come and harvest peanuts on his farm in Georgia, see, so Evo has invited him in turn to come to Chapare and cultivate coca. It’s all reciprocal like a big international mink’a (work party), except that Carter won’t be able to take any of the coca back to Georgia with him on account of it still being classified (ridiculously) by the UN as an illegal drug indistinguishable from cocaine.

Speaking of mutuality, Evo seemed impressed with Barack Obama, based on their encounter at the Summit of the Americas: ‘Obama came to attention because he’s seeking relations of mutual respect. He listened to all the Latin American presidents at the summit, whereas other US Presidents just talk and then go’. All very promising for US-Bolivian relations, especially when Hillary Clinton is on record recently as saying, ‘We want to see if we can figure out how to get an ambassador back and work with Morales in Bolivia’. Could the page be turning?

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